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PRO 250

Ultrasound PRO250の特徴

このツイーターはフロント・パネル上の"HORN VOLUME″コントロールによって、ハーモニクスと高音域をコントロールできます。この結果、抜群の分解能力が発揮され、バンドミュージックなどの複合的な音源も、驚くほど粒立ち良く明瞭に分離・再生が可能となりました。

PRO250 Specifications
  • 250 watts of acoustic power
  • Special tri-amp design for even response over the full audio frequency range
  • 10" high powered full range driver, powered by 150 watts
  • 4" midrange driver, powered by 50 watts
  • High frequency “supertweeter” with active crossover, powered by 50 watts. The Supertweeter has its own volume control for extended versatility with many different instruments.
  • 3 Line outs
  • 3 Direct outs
  • 2 Effects loops
  • Global Ground Lift, which lifts the ground from pin 1 of the XLR jacks and the sleeve of the 1/4" jacks to break any ground loops between the PRO and a PA system.
  • Dual “On-board” digital effects processors. (One for each channel)
  • Auxiliary “Stereo” input for MP3 or tape player
  • Heavy duty 16 ga. Steel chassis
  • Plywood cabinet with heavy duty tolex covering, metal corner protectors, and heavy duty rubber feet


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