For an acoustic guitar, the ideal air-environment is said to be 50% humidity at the temperature of 20. This intelligent mat contains a large number of Silica Gel Type B crystals, and breaths ! When the humidity is more than 50%, the mat starts to absorb the excess moisture and act as a desiccant. when the humidity is less than 50%, this mat begins humidification and releases the moisture previously absorbed within the gel. The only thing you have to do is to place this mat on the top-board of your guitar, when it is kept in a hard case. So simple and effective !

How can we do this@?

The core substance of Air Checker II is Hygro / Humidity Modulate Gel, which is also called Silica Gel Type B.  Different to popular Silica Gel Type A which only absorbs moisture ( desiccant ), Type B silica Gel breaths. In Type B, the moisture attachment field per 1 gram is 450u ( square meters ). It is a small sphere with a surprisingly extensive surface area, which is equipped with twin powers, Moisture Absorbency and Humidification at the boundary of around 50% humidity.

Uniqueness of Humidity Regulating
Elastomer Sheet

Air Checker II is made of scientifically developed highly advanced plural materials, which when put together is named  g Humidity Regulating Elastomer Sheet h developed by Marukoshi Kasei Co. Ltd. in Japan. At the core of this mat, Silica Gel Type B is sealed by special films,  g Fleclon
h developed by OG Corporation in Japan. This sheet is able to transmit and allow the passage of Moisture, but is also water proof material. The outer textiles are non-woven fabric made from Polyurethane, which does not react with the  Nitrocellulose Lacquer or Shellac of your highly valued acoustic guitar. The Silica Gel, Fleclon and non-woven fabric are mutually interwoven and integrated, so that they will never be separated. No glue or sewing are used.